Character Education & Leadership Development

Facilitated after-school, two hours a week, Core’s leadership and character education curriculum has been specifically developed to be relevant, age-appropriate and impactful to the Scholars who participate in the program. Character strengths like self-control, curiosity, and gratitude are vital to social and emotional well-being, physical health, and reaching individual potential. Overwhelming scientific data shows that developing strong character generates greater academic outcomes, better decision-making, healthier relationships, empathy, and greater citizenship. By training and developing interpersonal, intrapersonal, and intellectual strengths, Core Scholars build the skills needed to make good decisions, have a growth mindset, show empathy toward others, and in general exhibit high emotional intelligence.

Core’s Emerging Leaders Lab is an in-school, enrichment class offered to students at West Prep Academy who have been identified by school administrators as having leadership potential. These students are not in the traditional Core program. Students receive character education and leadership development including learning from guest speakers, performing community service, and being empowered to pursue leadership opportunities both in and outside of school.

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